Vodka Tasting

Come taste both ultra-premium Russian vodka AND a wide variety of the hand-crafted vodka infusions side by side. If you've been collecting shot glasses from past years, 2018 rings in a new color, so be sure to get yours! We're pouring all the classics as well as a few new flavors.

Vodka Menu

Two Tastes (2oz) + FREE Commemorative Shot Glass

Taste up to two vodkas (1oz/ea of any ultra premium import or hand-crafted infusion) and receive a free commemorative shot glass!


A Single Taste (1oz)

Taste one ounce of any vodka available: ultra premium imports or hand-crafted infusions
**NOTE: served in a plastic shot glass


Commemorative Shot Glass ONLY

Not interested in tasting? Take home a beautiful 2oz commemorative shot glass.


Zakuski (snacks)

One snack (premium Russian sausage, salo, pickle, etc)
**NOTE: one (1) zakuski is complimentary with each vodka taste purchased



Imported Russian Beers

An assortment of imported Russian Beers Donated by Alex’s Slavic Shop, San Jose


Imported Ukrainian Beers

An assortment of imported Ukrainian Beers Donated by Alex’s Slavic Shop, San Jose



A Slavic tradition since 898! Fermented rye bread drink flavored with raisins and spices. Approx. .05% ABV


Drinks for Everyone


Assorted Varieties


San Pellegrino Sodas

Imported from Italy, assorted varieties of refreshing fruit flavors



Crafted by hand from home grown lemons!


Bottled Water